Designer is where you create, configure, and publish your project. It is highly customizable and flexible, giving you control over each aspect of your project.

PrismUI is scalable, high-performance, resilient, and future-proof. It has been designed to be modular, allowing rapid integration of third party software and hardware. Using PrismUI, you can connect disparate systems and devices to meet your needs. The PrismUI Designer application is where you:

  • Create custom Display Layouts and Maps.
  • Add and configure Workstations. They can be set up independently, or within a client-server architecture.
  • Set up Integrated Systems to be controlled.
  • Create Workflows to execute procedures using a drag-and-drop interface with no need for scripting.
  • Configure custom security settings to assign permissions to different users and groups. PrismUI can use either Active Directory, or its own set of users and groups.
  • Publish updated projects to Workstations.
  • Manage alarm settings to alert the operator when their attention is needed.
  • Customize Language settings.