Language Manager

The Language Manager allows the addition and editing of the text displayed in Runtime. This allows a user to set multiple languages on a project for multilingual operators and localize international projects.

You can access Language Manager to add or edit a language at Home > Edit Language.

Location of the Language Manager

Adding and Editing a language

To add a language, click the Add button and enter it's Name. Click OK. You can edit a language by entering in the translated text in the associated column.

Editing a language
Note: If a value is changed in Language Manager and elsewhere in Designer, the value entered in Lanugage Manager will be overwritten by the value entered elsewhere when the project is saved. Some values can only be changed within Language Manager, and therefore will not be overwritten. If you are editing the values for a Workflow, ensure it is closed in Designer while editing, then save and re-open the project.

Importing and Exporting a language

Click the Export button to export the languages into a CSV file. You can add and edit languages directly within this file. Once you are done making changes, click the Import button and select your CSV file to bring the updated language settings into Designer. This feature can be used to edit languages or to transfer language settings between projects.