Version Control

Version Control allows you to create a repository to track changes to your projects. This is useful for if you need to roll back to a previous version, or to keep track of changes when multiple people are working on the project.

In Version Control, you will have a local and remote repository. The local one is located on your local machine. The remote repository stores the project. It is commonly located on a server. The local repository contains a copy of the project on your local machine where it can be viewed and edited. There are two primary actions which are used for Version Control: Commit and Sync.

Commit — A Commit will track the changes made since your previous commit. For a project to be rolled back a previous version, there must be a Commit for that version.
Note: You must Save your project before committing.

Sync — The Sync command adds the Commits since your last Sync to the remote repository. If another user has added Commits to the remote repository, they will be downloaded as well.

Note: You may copy a project out of Version Control by using the Save As functionality. You can do this by clicking on the PrismUI Logo, then Save As. The newly saved copy will not be in Version Control. The original copy of the project will not be affected.
CAUTION: If you duplicate a project, do not copy and paste the files. Use Save As instead. Copying and pasting can cause issues with Version Control.

First Come, First Serve Policy

When multiple users edit the same project, it is possible to create conflicts. The first person to Sync their changes will have priority. Everyone else will need to Undo or Revert their local changes and Sync with the remote repository. Users will be prompted with corrective action when multiple users are working on a project where there are conflicts between versions. A project will only be able to be edited by multiple users at once if they open the project offline, or no one else is editing. It is recommended to not have multiple users editing at once.

If a user is editing a project, it will be locked. This ensures that if another user opens the project at this time, they are unable to make changes. It may, however, still be opened for viewing. A copy of the project can be made using the Save As.