Find Strings in Designer

You can use the Find feature in Designer to search for text strings. This can be helpful for finding specific items such as specific assets.

To search Designer for a specific string, follow the steps below.

  1. In the Home tab, click Find.
  2. Enter your search criteria.
    1. In the Find field, enter in the string to search for.
    2. To do a case-sensitive search, check Match case.
    3. To add further filtering, enter a string into the Filter text box.
    4. Click Find All to complete the search and view your results.
  3. Double-click a result to be taken to that location in Designer.
Note: Some items in Designer are not searchable, such as:
  • Assets in Alarm Postings
  • Certain places where Maps are used
  • Workflows will not always pull up where an item is used